Eldoret City Marathon

42.2 KM Marathon

If you are looking for your next destination marathon or looking to run your first, Eldoret City Marathon is one of the most spectacular to find inspiration. From the streets of the city of Champions to jungle to desert terrain, there are hidden treasures abound.

An escape from the everyday, the scenery of Eldoret countryside is unimaginable. Many places completely devoid of modernity, you will experience sites you never even dreamed.

Regardless if you are a novice runner or a marathon diehard, with so many marathoners running side by side with you, certainly you won’t be disappointed.

Run alongside world record holders and breakers from the region that is source, home and city of champions as you experience the hospitality and breathtaking sites and sounds of the region.
See Eldoret from end to end all from foot alongside other travelers from around the globe. From fast and flat to hilly terrain, every type of course is ready and waiting.

What is so great about Eldoret City Marathon? Everything. So, choose the one that inspires you most, pre-register, strap on those shoes, and hit the pavement to train today